The Company

Quadira Biosciences is a Swiss start-up developing highly effective therapeutic antibodies. Using a unique 3D technology for pre-clinical characterization, the company avoids long and cost-intensive preclinical tests in animal models and thus makes antibodies commercially available with unparalleled speed and unprecedented low cost. Backed by potent investors and based on two strong technology platforms which are closely integrated into the company's activities as strategic partners, Quadira Biosciences now creates a sustainable concept that could revolutionize cancer therapy.

Technology Platforms 

Founded as a joint ventures of Xlife Sciences and anfass Life Technologies, Quadira Biosciences thereby gains access to the proprietary 3D CoSeedis™ technology platform of abc biopply. This unique 3D cell technology enables the replication and modelling of human tissue for reliable testing and characterization of antibodies without animal testing. Xlife's technology platform for antibody development can thus be used even more efficiently. With its antibody screening platform, Xlife Sciences AG has already identified 30 compounds with blockbuster potential. These therapeutic antibodies have already been shown to be safe and effective in humans. Xlife can modify antibodies with pinpoint accuracy and increase the quality of the active components. These are mainly advanced, highly potent antibodies with higher cytotoxic activity and improved side effect profiles for cancer therapy. The targeted market potential of the pre-selected antibodies is in the range of several billion US dollars. The collaboration with abc biopply adds an important element to the development process. The 3D CoSeedis™ technology platform developed by abc biopply allows the testing and characterization of the efficacy of antibodies in 3D cell cultures, so-called organoids, that mimic animal or human tissue. This reduces or even eliminates animal testing and significantly accelerates product development. 3D CoSeedis™ is characterized by the unique homogeneity of the generated spheroids and enables their standardized mass production.

Strategic Partners