Revolutionizing the World of Therapeutic ADC Development




The Company

Quadira Biosciences combines two outstanding cutting-edge technology platforms to complete the development and preclinical studies of ten new Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) within 4 months each. This dramatically extend the previously rather limited commercial lifecycle of antibody drugs. Collectively, the planned ADC portfolio has a market value of $25 billion. The first new anti-HER-2 ADC has already been completed and documented in the last months and is currently under preparation for licensing.

Technology Platforms 

The unique technology setup of Quadira Biosciences was created by a joint venture between anfass Life Technologies and Xlife. It combines two outstanding cutting-edge technologies to complete designing, screening and defining of highly effective new therapeutic antibody drug conjugates including preclinical studies in the shortest time possible using a novel kind of click chemistry and a unique physiological 3D approach.

OUR FIRST ADC PRODUCT QBK249-G is a HER2-targeting antibody-drug conjugate with potent antitumor activity against HER2-positive solid breast tumors. Preclinical evaluation shows 8-fold higher antitumor efficacy compared to the currently marketed ADC at a comparable toxicity at a 10-fold lower concentration, promising massively improved biotolerability. QBK249-G has also proven to kill effectively dormant tumor cells.

Quadira Biosciences' innovative and unique technology platform has thus impressively demonstrated its exceptional speed and efficiency. QBK249-G is already in the patenting process and licensing documents are under preparation. The next ADC in the product pipeline has also been developed and is now entering the preclinical evaluation phase.



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